Saas Products

Full-scenario and full-link SaaS products help enterprise digital upgrade

  • Wei Mall

    Weimob's Wei Mall is an omni-channel and full-scenario store-opening solution in the private domain for merchants in the e-commerce industry. Merchants can open stores on multiple channels, such as WeChat, Alipay, Baidu, and Xiaohongshu with one click, realize unified backend management and operations, quickly achieve the whole-process operation of traffic accumulation, conversion and monetization, membership accumulation, referral and growth, and drive sustainable brand growth with private domain management.

  • WeCom Assistant

    Weimob's WeCom Assistant is the full-link private domain growth solution based on WeCom. It helps enterprises build their WeCom private domain traffic pools and assists enterprises in achieving low-cost and efficient fine user operation through digital private domain management tools, accelerating customer transaction conversion, and promoting sustainable growth.

  • WAI

    Weimob's AI product, WAI, leverages revolutionary AIGC technology to cover the entire spectrum of brand management scenarios, empowers businesses to build shopping malls, create pictures and texts, conduct marketing and promotion, gain wise insights, and more, assists in managing online business operations, and helps businesses to operate more intelligently and efficiently and unleash new productivity.

  • WeChat Video Channel Tool

    Weimob’s WeChat Video Channel Tool connects the public and private domains, provides one-stop solutions for traffic acceptance, private domain operations, conversion and repurchase, and fission marketing, and helps video account operators achieve integrated growth in the public and private domains.

  • OneCRM

    OneCRM is a member operation management solution that covers the full customer lifecycle and multiple operation scenarios for merchants. Based on the full-link data capability, this user growth solution has staff, stock and selling places well-matched, with user operation tools as the touchpoint to expand the penetration of public and private domain traffic and open up channels for marketing and trading tools.

  • Smart Marketing

    Smart Marketing is an intelligent operation platform that digitally and intelligently empowers enterprises across all online and offline scenarios in public and private domains. It is based on multiple interfaces to create the customer portrait across the domain to facilitate automated and digital marketing of enterprises.

  • Wei Station

    Wei Station is a one-stop website building solution against the backdrop of mobile Internet marketing. It enables enterprises to quickly and easily establish their own official website to facilitate brand marketing by using four core capabilities of quick website building, multichannel customer acquisition, efficient conversion, and data analytics.

  • Smart Shopping Guide

    Through a complete set of shopping guide training, growth, and incentive systems, the digital shopping guide helps enterprises with large-scale and customized shopping guide talent training. Besides, it turns the processes, regulations, systems, and other schemes of enterprises into actions that can be implemented by shopping guides from the perspective of management personnel to facilitate the smart retail transformation of enterprises.

  • ShopExpress

    ShopExpress provides the full-link services that meet the needs of DTC merchants for overseas operation, mainly including docking multiple channels of overseas mainstream social media and the search engine to provide sellers with the precise acquisition of overseas media referral traffic; it provides independent station SaaS system, which conforms to consumption habits of overseas customers; it provides the all-round operation strategies and services to merchants for overseas operation; it creates short videos and other creative contents combined with the e-commerce development trend overseas.

  • Xiao Ke

    Xiaoke, a new generation of smart CRM, applies cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data to open up the entire link of lead acquisition, customer contact, customer follow-up, and customer sales management and provides enterprises with an integrated SaaS solution covering the entire process from marketing to sales. Moreover, it is committed to using digital intelligence technology to help corporate sales achieve digital transformation and improve sales and management efficiency.


Refined solutions for e-commerce retail, supermarket fresh food, commercial real estate, shopping centers and other industries to help merchants grow

  • Weimob Retail

    Weimob Retail solutions target omni-channel marketing and digital operations for the retail industry. Through comprehensively online core business sectors such as brands, channels, shopping guides, memberships, and marketing based on technology, it helps retail companies operate all-round and full-time business and ultimately drives the user and business growth of enterprises and their physical channels with data and technology.

  • Weimob Supermarket

    Weimob Supermarket is a solution that deeply integrates the capabilities of Weimob Retail and Heading Retail Cloud. It opens up the online and offline omni-channel business scenarios, enhances the full-link digital operation capability of supermarket retailers, manages omni-channel sales business in a one-stop manner, and achieves doubled efficiency and multiplied sales.

  • Weimob Fresh Food

    Weimob Fresh Food, a solution jointly launched by Weimob and Heading, goes deep into the fresh industry business scenarios to help retailers in digitization from harvesting to sales for increased operation efficiency and performance growth.

  • Weimob Cross-border Business

    The full-link digital solution to overseas operations designed for Chinese merchants helps them realize the connection with overseas media and the precise acquisition of referral traffic. It provides housekeeper style operation services and strategic support, and builds a new ecology of cross-border e-commerce services to fully cover the needs of Chinese merchants at all stages and in all segments. Finally, the two-wheel drive of 'technology and ecology' will help Chinese merchants go abroad quickly, build global brands and gain new space for growth in overseas markets.

  • Weimob Beauty

    Weimob Beauty provides an integrated digital operation management solution to the beauty industry merchants. By its promotion and acquisition of referral traffic, marketing for customer acquisition, business management, operational services and other core advantages, Smart Beauty helps the beauty industry merchants reduce costs and improve efficiency, performance and revenues.

  • Weimob Hotel

    Weimob Hotel, based on WeChat Mini Program, provides enterprises with a full range of services, such as online room booking, online hotel mall, order management, online customer service, membership management and customer data analysis. It makes the sales channel direct, operation smart, profit diverse and service experience-oriented. It facilitates the targeted direct sales in hotels with improved management efficiency.

  • Weimob Tourism

    Weimob Tourism aims to provide tourism e-commerce solutions for travel agencies and tourist attractions, and help tourism enterprises transform the traditional offline sale mode into the online e-commerce platform-based one by building a tourism mall and features such as product management, schedule, online booking, marketing and promotion, as well as member management. By doing so, both tourism marketing and merchant management can be simple and convenient.

Merchant Services

To provide a full range of one-stop merchant services to achieve efficient management

  • Advertising

    With big data, intelligent algorithms, marketing automation, and other technologies as well as high-quality media resources, it provides customers with domestic and overseas marketing services such as advertising on Tencent's platforms, Xiaohongshu, Kuaishou, and Google, opening up a marketing closed loop of traffic attraction-conversion-repurchase. These services cover private domain operation, short video, and live streaming services, and help brands achieve full-link marketing growth integrating brand enhancement and performance promotion.

  • Integrated Marketing

    Based on the group's mature digital upgrade plan and platform operating capabilities and with ]"product, efficiency and sales growth" as the foundation, TEAM PRO provides the brand with customized services with industry insights and consulting, product marketing strategies, creative content production, KOL marketing and communication, media placement management, and high-conversion marketing paths.

  • Private Domain Operation

    Based on social touchpoints such as WeChat mini program mall, WeCom, WeChat official account, WeChat video account, and communities, it provides brands with one-stop operation services such as advertising operations, mall operations, content operations, community operations, training, teaching, and live streaming to help brands achieve full-chain value growth and breakthroughs in private domain operations.

  • Growth Operation

    Weimob's operation business for growth helps merchants expand their operating scenarios, enrich the brand's private domain operation matrix, realize joint operation across public and private domains and full-channel operation upgrade by introducing traffic from multiple platforms such as WeChat, WeChat Channels, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu, Baidu, Alipay, and QQ, thereby driving new growth in performance.

  • Customized Development

    Weimob's customized development service is a technical service that Weimob provides for brand merchants based on the Weimob Cloud PaaS platform. Based on its flexibly expandable SaaS products and strong PaaS technology capability, Weimob works together with ecological partners to customize low-cost exclusive shops and tools for brand merchants efficiently through customized development and system integration. Besides, through Weimob Cloud technology services, it is easy for brand merchants to create and deploy applications on their own, accelerating digital transformation and promoting business growth.